A girl’s guide to gigging

I only have a few gigs left for the season and then I am off on what should be a sandy, Karoo holiday for sure. My last blog will be about an issue that has come up a few times this year. I have had the fortunate oppurtunity to hire some young musicians for gigs. I realised, after a few incidents, that not everyone is being told about the etiquette of gigging, which can lead to the frustration of the peformer, the hiring staff, and other performers. Here is a list of things to remember for your gigging career.

  • Do NOT sit on your cellphone during rehearsal or during the gig. We all take a pic here and there for social media but to be glued to your phone is unprofessional.
  • Always have your bank details (and tax number) on hand.
  •  Always be early. On time is fine but rather have a reputation for being ready and seated by the downbeat.
  • Check that you have your horn, mouthpiece, music, oil/lubricants, pencil and stand (the stand is a ‘biggy’ because not all venues own their own equipment and juggling music and instrument just looks silly)
  •  Keep an up-to-date performance diary/schedule and try not double book yourself. If you have a phone use the schedule app.
  •  Don’t be afraid to say when you have messed up. It can happen, and then it is much better for the organiser to know two weeks before as opposed to on the day. I know it makes you ‘look bad’ but it looks way worse if you don’t say anything at all.
  •  If you ask to share a ride offer something in return or pay for your part. The person will probably say don’t worry but it is a polite thing to do.
  • Look after yourself. Keep hydrated, eat as healthy as you can and try exercise.
  • Look after your instrument. You want to have a smooth performance.

Some of these may seem totally obvious, but even those who have been in the gigging scene can forget them and sharing as much information as you can helps everyone. I hope these help and see you through all your 2016 gigs! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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