Andrea studied composition at Rhodes University under Pieter Louis van Dijk (classical composition) and John Edwards (jazz orchestration). She has composed music for solo euphonium, brass band, brass ensemble and orchestra. These works have been performed in the USA, the UK, Singapore, Germany and South Africa.

She recently had her proposal grant for 12 play – a – long compositions for brass instruments accepted by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Thüringen, Germany. These will be produced this year and published under the shop page.

Below are recordings of some of the works that have been performed. Please stay in touch with Andrea if you perform any of her works. You can find here @africanaeuphonista on Facebook/Instagram.

You can contact her if you need any of her works rescored for bass clef or treble clef. As she has composed most of her works on a commission basis, the pieces have been scored as per the preference of the performer.

Links to performances of Andrea’s works:


Online world premier of Inspired by Blue performed by Bente Illevold here:

Musician, composer and educator