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As we continue to work through the pandemic, I set out to perform shorter items with artists from across the world. I have started a new page on this website where you can peruse through videos. I will be adding something monthly. If you like what you hear and would like contribute a thanks, please follow me on my social media pages (facebook: Andrea Hobson – Musician or on Instagram: @africanaeuphonista) or leave a like or comment. You can also donate as a patron via paypal. This is found on the #instaconcerts page.

Christmas projects

Hello everyone! As we end this year, I thought it would be nice to share a few projects with you.

Germany entered a strict lockdown period during December so we were not allowed to have rehearsals. The various ensembles I am involved in (as conductor or euphonist or trombonist) were super creative and produced some really great online videos. Here they are:

Mini kids – the beginner ensemble at the Orchesterschule Klangvelt. The youngest player is six and the oldest, eleven years of age.

The Jugend Brass Band Blechklang – I am not a firm member of this ensemble, but help out on the various instruments they might need as an ad-hoc performer. It was wonderful seeing how my students rock out in this video!

The Brass Band Band Blechklang – A tradition in Jena, Germany, is carolling from the Town Hall. Unfortunately, this could not happen this year so we went digital.

Have a wonderful festive season!