Flashcards for beginner students

Let’s learn together! #brassbits

One of my goals is to start offering usable materials for communities that might not have adequate resources. As part of this goal, I am starting 2021 with a set of fun games/activities for beginner students who are still learning their note names. There will be one post every week in January focusing on note names and note values. So, starting this off, I have attached a set of flashcards that young beginner students can colour in (a favourite activity here in Germany), and can be used by teachers or parents to help the children remember their note names. We start our students with the Krämer beginner book, and as I have been doing this with my beginner students in their online lessons, the notes are according to this method. There are Treble clef and Bass Clef versions – both are in English and German. Click on the clef and language you prefer. It should download immediately.

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