Andrea Hobson and Russell Davies with the Cape Town Concert Brass:


Andrea Hobson and Patricio Cosentino performing The Prayer at the 3rd Southern African Tuba and Euphonium Course, Cape Town, South Africa.


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Andrea received the Earl L. Louder award to attend the 2018 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival and was honoured to join some of the best names in the industry! Follow her on instagram to see/read more.



Performance recorded at the annual MyCMC fundraiser:


Performance recorded at the 2nd Southern African Tuba and Euphonium Course, Cape Town:


Andrea Hobson and The Phax Trio:


The Phax Trio was founded in 2011 as both a chamber music group and as a hired entertainment group. Witness this band leading you through some of their sultriest and hair­ raising Contra­Balkan, Hosh­Klezmer and Parisian peep show inspired music. A powerful wind triumvirate – Eu(PH)onium, S(AX)ophone and Tuba – formed by: Shaun Acker, Andrea Hobson and Zhaun Gorridon.

The Phax trio has dedicated themselves to composing and performing their own, and other SA composers, high ­proficiency contemporary classical music on instruments that are often boxed in by musical stereotype. The combination of Alto Saxophone, Euphonium and Tuba blends itself to create a particular sound that is both interesting and mesmerizing. The musical style includes influences from Classical music with a taste of Jazz, Latin and Balkan music.

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Other performances include:



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